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VA’s PRIDE program – this week’s Veteran health equity podcast

In this episode of the health equity podcast, Dr. Tiffany Lange, a clinical psychologist and LGBTQ+ Veteran program manager at the Hampton VA Medical Center in Virginia, shares how she developed the “PRIDE in All Who Served” health education group.

LGBTQ+ Veterans designed this 10-week program for other LGBTQ+ Veterans. The program provides health education resources to help LGBTQ+ Veterans. The program also recently expanded to include a virtual telePRIDE option due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Alongside the VA Innovation Network and Hampton VA leadership, Dr. Lange has trained and consulted with more than 24 VA medical centers (and counting) to launch the PRIDE program at their sites.

Transgender Army Veteran shares her story

In this episode, you will also hear from Teri King, a retired Army combat Veteran of 28 years who has used the PRIDE program. She shares her transgender identity story and how the PRIDE program has provided her with a framework to understand her identity as well as a sense of fellowship with other LGBTQ+ Veterans… and ultimately a feeling of being seen for who she is.

She also highlights how the PRIDE program provides a safe and confidential space where she and others can learn about and relate to other departments and programs within VA designed to help LGBTQ+ Veterans live their best and healthiest lives.

More information about the PRIDE program can be found on this press release detailing the VHA Innovators Network’s participation or by contacting your local VA’s LGBTQ+ Veteran Care Coordinator.

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